Blue Cross Blue Shield NC

Creating true hybrid cloud services for DevOps

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC) serves application owners a blended on-premise and public cloud for developing health care applications at the speed of thought.

NetApp allows us to be very, very seamless from a foundational perspective. If you're an application developer leveraging DevOps, it's no longer I want it in the cloud or I want it on-prem -- It's now the IT Blue Cross cloud and it doesn't matter where the workload reside and it depends on what services you require and we're able to provide those.

Petar Bojovic Director of IT Infrastructure at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Serving three million members with health care and wellness management services, BCBC NC is leveraging NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Kubernetes and OpenShift for a fully containerized platform. BCBS NC is working to move 100% of their applications to containers which will allow them to iterate quickly the next generation of heath care solutions for North Carolinians.