BT TV is a subscription service provided by the BT Group. Delivered on the YouView platform, it provides on-demand content and a wide raft of channels ranging from movies and children’s programming to light entertainment, documentaries, and news. The company has close to 4.5 million subscribers, and the acquisition of the football rights, in particular, led to the strengthening of the existing customer base. The company operates in a fiercely competitive market that is illustrated by its exclusive rights to the Champions League over three seasons, and the sister tournament, the Europa league. The company wanted to make sure the services it delivered were as faultless as possible. This meant that it should not be prone to outages, especially in the areas of video on demand (VOD) and live streaming.

It’s actually changing the way we work and the services we offer. Because we can rely on the NetApp technology without hesitation, it is allowing us to actually refine the services we offer because we know we are not going to be hit by outages.

Philip Buckley-MellorBT TV Designer, BT TV