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Exceeds expectations for AI and deep learning with NetApp data management solutions.

New deep learning approaches are changing the boundaries of what’s possible with artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Breakthrough innovation specialists and AI powerhouse, Cambridge Consultants is at the forefront of advances in deep learning. Their product development innovations are revolutionizing a range of industries and disrupting the status quo in the process.

One of the key reasons our deep learning storage is based on NetApp technology is the positive experience we have had with the technology in the past. We view it as tried and tested in what can be highly demanding conditions for storage.

Monty Barlow Head of Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge Consultants

To get ahead of the trends in AI, several years ago Cambridge Consultants built its own research lab and development facilities, known as the Digital Greenhouse. There the company is discovering, developing, and testing new approaches to machine learning. Algorithmic models developed in the Digital Greenhouse are continually assessed to understand how they can best be used across diverse fields such as medical diagnostics, security and intrusion detection, industrial automation, and more.

To showcase the possibilities of deep learning, Cambridge Consultants developed Vincent, an AI technology demonstration that can complete a drawing that has been started with a human sketch. Completed “works of art” combine a user’s sketch with the digested sum of art since the renaissance, as if Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Picasso were inside the machine, producing art to order. Teaching Vincent to paint took seven neural networks working nonstop for 14 hours and generated millions of practice files.

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