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NetApp AFF8000 systems provides platform for business expansion with raw performance & stability

CDL had been using NetApp storage technologies for many years thanks to its reliable, robust and flexible platforms. However, following several major customer wins, the company was facing challenges around the capacity of its storage environment. In short, it was experiencing performance issues which were driven by changing demands and increased workloads.

As a result, the company needed to revaluate its existing storage environment. Dan Calderbank, Senior IT Engineer, CDL, explains: “The new customer wins had a significant footprint in terms of the resources that we needed to underpin the business. We needed reliable performance at the back end to support our Oracle enterprise and business databases.”

We clearly made the right decision by choosing the All Flash platform to support our underlying infrastructure. We’re only using 10 per cent of its resource out of the box which gives us enormous head room for growth while its storage efficiency features such as data compression lead to even faster read and write times. It’s just what we needed and is fundamental to successful business growth.

Dan Calderbank Senior IT Engineer, CDL