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City of Baton Rouge

NetApp Supports Growth and Disaster Recovery in the City of Baton Rouge

The need for always-on infrastructure for cities is critical: they can't risk having their police, fire, or public safety departments out of service, and employees need 24-hour access to information to do their jobs. That's true for the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana's capital and second-largest city.

Like many cities shifting to digital operations, one of Baton Rouge's larger challenges is keeping up with expanding data needs and ensuring that data is always accessible.

We now have a tiered solution at the right size for our environment at a total cost of ownership that was affordable.

Jay Efferson, Information Sciences Project Manager, City of Baton Rouge

About 4,500 city employees rely on quick access to information, including email, weather forecasts, and instant communication. The city has 42 different departments that an outage would affect directly, including Baton Rouge's court system, which is completely digital and faces huge storage needs as the number of court cases—and the documents associated with them—grow.

Baton Rouge needed modern storage that was flexible, could operate seamlessly with no disruptions, and could scale as its data needs increased. It chose NetApp FAS8020 and ONTAP to power two data centers. NetApp's solution supports the city's existing and growing needs, along with its new ERP and 911 systems. It also allowed the city to consolidate multiple storage systems into one central structure.