Consultel Cloud

Accelerating Customer Growth with HCI as a Service

Australia-based Consultel Cloud leverages NetApp HCI to shatter expectations of cloud economics and accelerate customers' ability to expand into new business opportunities. The company launched its HCI as a service offering—the first of its kind—bringing unmatched scalability and cloud choice to customers. To do so, the company innovated its business, becoming a leader in hybrid cloud solutions and expanding its services to customers globally.

Customer data never leaves Equinix. We can guarantee data sovereignty and security, while still providing access to multiple clouds.

Benjamin Molloy Division Lead, Consultel Cloud

In 2015, the company launched Consultel Cloud, its cloud services division. As the division expanded, however, its existing infrastructure created bottlenecks. “It was expensive, and we had difficulty getting the service we needed to guarantee performance for our customers,” says Benjamin Molloy, division lead at Consultel Cloud. “We had to rip everything out after just one year.”

Today, Consultel Cloud leverages NetApp HCI in Equinix data centers across Melbourne, Sydney, New York, and London. The Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric provides access to more than 180 cloud service providers, including SAP, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. This infrastructure eliminates bottlenecks, guarantees data security because data never leaves Equinix, and provides access to any cloud.