Copa Airlines

Counts on NetApp Technology for World-Class On-Time Performance

Copa Airlines struggled with a suboptimal baggage reconciliation system (BRS). Delays, misrouting, and other inefficiencies took their toll, including on the bottom line. After extensive market research and due diligence, the airline realized an opportunity to rearchitect baggage reconciliation with NetApp data technology. The result? Baggage delays slashed by 75%, helping the company earn the distinction of most punctual airline in the world.

We selected NetApp for the good performance presented in proof of concept, ease with system integration, and response time improvements once we put the solution to work.

Hugo Aquino Director of Infrastructure Services and Technology Operations, Copa Airlines

NetApp’s ONTAP data management platform, which included FAS, AFF, and ONTAP Select, helped Copa Airlines zero out incidents of read-write latency in its BRS database. This improved baggage handling and on-time delivery, contributing to a flight-punctuality rate of 89.79% .

Additionally, NetApp moved Copa Airlines’ Teradata data warehouse to the public cloud, helping to build their data fabric to further increase operating efficiencies and on-time performance. This required uploading 19 previously on-premises SQL databases to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS. This consolidation reduced IT administration and operational costs.