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Makes a fashion statement with easy employee productivity

An estimated 400 million cosnova products, from lipstick to nail polish, are sold each year. cosnova staff predominantly works remotely and in the cloud.

Although Azure ensures high availability of Microsoft 365, it doesn’t protect the data from loss or corruption. The cosnova Beauty needed a central backup concept that would ease the burden on its own IT, is flexible and easy to use, and meets European security standards.

Other solutions are more complex, can do less, and cost more. NetApp SaaS Backup offers what it should and is very clearly structured. It couldn’t be easier.

Muneer JeuckJunior IT Manager Systems & Security, cosnova Beauty

Employees come and go, work part-time or at fixed term, or take parental leave. NetApp SaaS Backup helps the IT team stay flexible: Licenses can be deactivated and transferred to new users, either permanently or temporarily. This flexibility avoids “dead” licenses and saves money.