CURAit is a 20-staff Danish service provider, headquartered in the town of Albertslund. The company was founded in 2009 with a vision to become a disruptor in the Danish market. Anticipating growth and to improve time-to-market, CURAit was looking for new ways to further automation and orchestration while offering maximum performance from the company datacenter. “Passion for IT” is in CURAit’s DNA. A fully next-generation hybrid IT house and a trusted advisor, the service provider is a truly customer-centric place, guiding customers through their journey and delivering all-in-one solutions based on their requirements. According to Martin Phillip Maleschyn, CEO at CURAit, “We believe that IT is a language, and we want to be able to translate that language into the right technologies to suit a customer’s needs.”

Using SolidFire, we can be entrepreneurs in our own datacenter – instead of building silos, we can do what we do best, building services in that great system of SolidFire.

Martin Phillip MaleschynCEO, CURAit