DreamWorks Animation

A Global Entertainment Leader that Brings Dragons and Pandas to Life with Data

DreamWorks Animation has long captivated audiences with such beloved franchises as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Trolls and How to Train Your Dragon. Global audiences are invited into imaginative worlds where they fall in love with DreamWorks’ charismatic animated characters, while behind the scenes, petabytes of data come together to create magic. With the support of NetApp technology, DreamWorks is advancing their data fabric and extending data and applications outside the walls of the studio and into the public cloud.

One of my favorite parts about our NetApp partnership is that they saw the cloud not as a threat, but as a compliment.

Skottie Miller Technology Fellow and VP of Platform and Services Architecture DreamWorks Animation

The key for DreamWorks is ensuring that the right data is in front of the right artists, at the right time. Through their joint engineering innovation partnership with NetApp, DreamWorks can stay ahead of the curve by adapting to future production trends with the flexibility provided by NetApp technology. According to Skottie Miller, cloud will play a vital role, "We're going to want to be able to use the cloud so that the data has mobility, and it has lifetime, and it has value well beyond the release of the film."

Download the case study to find out how NetApp is working with DreamWorks on their hybrid cloud journey.