Ducati and NetApp Build a Data Fabric to Accelerate Innovation

Ducati motorcycles are an icon for high-end performance. Since 1926, the company has handmade every one of its bikes in Bologna, Italy, meticulously assembling just over 50,000 motorcycles in 2018. To put that in perspective, one of its competitors sold approximately 19.5 million motorcycles in the same year. But where Ducati might be an underdog in marketing dollar spend, the company more than makes up for it in volumes of performance data.

Ducati worked with NetApp to build a data fabric, tapping into the data generated by over 60 physical sensors installed on their MotoGP motorcycles. Using NetApp’s High-Performance Computing Cluster and NetApp HCI, engineers conducted telemetry processing directly inside the box—on the track and in real time. NetApp HCI also allowed Ducati to leverage enterprise-class features of NetApp ONTAP Software, which improved the sophistication of the iconic manufacturer’s data management strategy, including versioning, security, and snapshots.

We were able to leverage the Data Fabric and we fully understand that the future will be in the Hybrid Cloud, as we will face new challenges with products that need to be more and more connected.

Konstantin Kostenarov Chief Technology Officer, Ducati Motor Holdings

To meet storage demands, Ducati chose NetApp AFF to help consolidate a wide range of workloads and over 200 applications. This made all of the data assets available in a single, unified system that enabled optimal productivity and minimal footprint. Based on their success on the track, Ducati rolled out the concept of “connected bikes” to consumers worldwide, harnessing and analyzing performance data from over 15,000 motorcycles. By the end of 2020, they expect to be collecting, analyzing and applying data from over 150,000 bikes.

Because of NetApp High-Performance Computing and by moving data to the hybrid cloud, Ducati has reduced the time required to develop prototypes and get new motorcycles to market by 30%. As NetApp and Ducati continue to evolve their partnership, they will leverage Ducati’s data fabric to inspire innovation across every aspect of the global organization, including the potential for machine learning and AI opportunities.