Ducati and NetApp Build a Data Fabric to Accelerate Innovation, Deliver High Performance, and Win Races

Ducati is defined by sleek Italian design, MotoGP domination, and curve-hugging (and checkered flag waving) motorcycles that have become an icon for high-end performance worldwide. Since its founding in 1926, the company has designed every one of its bikes in Bologna, Italy. Ducati meticulously manufactured just over 55,000 motorcycles in 2018. To put that in perspective, one of its primary competitors—both on and off the track—sold approximately 19.5 million motorcycles in the same year.

Where Ducati might be an underdog in marketing dollar spend, the company more than makes up for it in volumes of performance data, harnessed on and off the track. Structured and unstructured, streaming real-time around the world, and stored away on servers, Ducati needed a way to tap into the full value of its dynamic, diverse, and distributed data.

Data was crucial to accelerating our success, both on and off the track, and in the design and management of our products and services. That is why we were looking for a partner like NetApp to accelerate our digital transformation journey using a mix of solid technologies, leaving us free to leverage any opportunity in the cloud.

Stefano RendinaIT Manager, Ducati Corse

Ducati tapped into the data-generating opportunity from every straightaway and s-curve. By equipping the MotoGP racing bikes with over 60 physical sensors, Ducati captured performance data from every possible angle.

NetApp HCI also enabled Ducati to leverage the enterprise-class features of NetApp ONTAP software, helping to improve the sophistication of the company’s data management strategy, including versioning, security, and NetApp Snapshot copies. To meet its rapidly growing storage demands, Ducati chose NetApp AFF to help consolidate a wide range of workloads and more than 200 applications.

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