Provides a rich user experience through its innovative digital publishing platform.

EidosMedia, the content management backbone of media giants such as the Wall Street Journal and Cox Media Group, relies on DevOps agility enabled by Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS to develop new features that help customers better engage with their readers.

< p>EidosMedia's publishing platform lets customers oversee content, from planning to delivery, on mobile devices, on the web, or in print. With a NetApp® Data Fabric, EidosMedia can create environments for development and testing and for production in minutes. It can also manage and move data to wherever it's needed and can enable nonstop data availability.

EidosMedia uses NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS to leverage the elasticity and cost efficiency of the cloud to rapidly develop new features and services to help customers compete in an ever-changing industry.

Breaking news can't wait. News moves fast, and NetApp allows us to keep ahead of it.

Lorenzo D.,Lead infrastructure engineer, EidosMedia

It also uses Cloud Volumes ONTAP software to enable cloud flexibility for highly dynamic production environments. For example, hundreds of journalists from Cox Media Group use EidosMedia's platform every day to create content and distribute it to more than 160 websites. The scalability of Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables EidosMedia to handle gigantic traffic spikes and then take the app or content down or archive it as needed.

The highly available NetApp storage in AWS also provides nonstop operations and business continuity. “Breaking news can't wait,” says Lorenzo D., lead infrastructure engineer at EidosMedia. “News moves fast, and NetApp allows us to keep ahead of it.”