Excite Japan

In Japan, numerous Internet business companies emerged in the late 1990s. Excite Japan is one of those companies. Providing versatile Internet services, including its service portal “Excite,” it continues to grow by developing a large number of services. It has also made significant changes in its services and infrastructure within the turbulent Internet industry. Looking toward the future, the company has also built and begun to operate a new full-scale private cloud infrastructure.

By deploying SolidFire, our new OpenStack-based private cloud has enabled us to operate an AI-based recommendation engine, “wisteria,” while meeting its strict I/O requirements. Now we can bring other services, which had required dedicated servers, into the private cloud. This allows our infrastructure staff, including development engineers, to focus more on their own primary duties.

Takashi FukudaInfrastructure Section, Infrastructure Department, Excite Japan Co., Ltd.