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Florida Atlantic University

Using Technology to Improve Registration, Recruiting, and Research

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) is no ordinary university. When it opened its doors in 1964, FAU was the first breed of American Universities to break with tradition to invent more innovative ways of delivering higher education. By harnessing the power of technology, FAU offers excellence in education and drives visionary research for its 30,000 students and 7,000 faculty.

Building a solid infrastructure, with data storage being a big portion of that, clearly facilitates better recruitment.

Dr. Mehran Basiratmand Chief Technology Officer, Florida Atlantic University

From the beginning, FAU had a bold vision to harness broadcast technology to beam classes to students wherever they might be. The goal was to make higher education accessible to students throughout the state.

Today, as FAU continues to fulfill that vision, demand for the university's video lecture recordings is higher than ever. To meet that demand, NetApp AFF provides the performance and availability for FAU to stream hundreds of thousands of hours of lectures across a multitude of courses in its 170 different degree programs.

Streaming is a bonus for existing students, but FAU also uses NetApp to help recruit top students and faculty.

“Institutions are equally competitive to recruit the most qualified students. This starts with having a stable environment, whether it's networking, technology, or availability of courses,” Basiratmand says. “Likewise, building a culture of researchers is paramount. We continue to provide our faculty with an area where they can conduct research and have access to resources. Building a solid infrastructure, with data storage being a big portion of that, clearly facilitates better recruitment.”

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