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Greenville Utilities

Raising the Bar on Operational Efficiency for a North Carolina Utility Service

Greenville Utilities is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the 150,000 customers it serves by safely providing reliable utility solutions at the lowest reasonable cost. Without those basic utility services such as water and electricity, any modern society would grind to a halt. To provide those services, the company relies on 24/7 data availability. Access to datasets helps to keep services running, repair issues quickly, and ensure that residents in and around Greenville, North Carolina, have access to their accounts.

NetApp has given us a lot of confidence in our ability to restore from a disaster perspective, which gives our customers confidence that we can provide their essential services, no matter what happens.

Todd Cannon Senior Server and Security Analyst, Greenville Utilities

Because all of Greenville Utilities' integrated applications operate in real time, corrupted or inaccessible data could significantly affect the organization's ability to respond to operational challenges.

Greenville Utilities relies on a FlexPod solution to optimize operations and more effectively serve customers. FlexPod ensures that employees have fast, uninterrupted access to critical information by more quickly managing backup for enterprise application data. This includes financial information, customer information, transactional information for field work and asset management, and business-related files.