Energizes its Oracle investments by switching to Azure NetApp Files

Italgas is the leading gas distribution company in Italy and the third largest in Europe. As part of a technology initiative, Italgas migrated their entire data center and 55 large Oracle databases to Microsoft Azure in 2018.

Although the data center cost and management benefits of the migration were immediate, performance demands were not being met. Azure NetApp Files to the rescue.

With Azure NetApp Files, you can hot-resize the volume to match size and performance needs, perform instant snapshots or volume clones, and change the volume tier dynamically, without service interruption, interactively or by automation.

Giuliano Caglio Cloud Services and Infrastructure, Italgas

Today, both production and development environments are on Azure NetApp Files. This is generating overall savings in storage costs by making it possible to downsize virtual machines, high utilization of the resources in place, and more dynamic provisioning and volume management. Italgas maximizes utilization by purchasing only the storage volumes it really needs. Supply meets demand.