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Ivancica ( is a leading and award-winning footwear manufacturer. The company focuses on its children’s footwear brand Froddo and exports primarily to European and U.S. markets. With a daily output of 5,000 pairs of shoes, Ivancica is dedicated to meeting health and safety standards throughout the whole production process. With inadequate IT solutions, companies can suffer from long waiting times, slow production, and lower revenue. At Ivancica it took up to 15 minutes to process some workloads such as completing a product in one production segment and transferring it to the next. Deploying hybrid storage with NetApp Flash Pool, Fujitsu servers, and Cisco networking, they improved shoe production efficiency, improved data protection, and built a future-proof infrastructure for SAP HANA.

We have built a future-proof IT platform that can truly support our business and our quality standards.

Tajana GotalChief Financial Officer, Ivancica

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