Established in 1945, KoçSistem Information and Communication Services (KoçSistem; is Turkey’s largest IT company. Being a pioneer of the IT industry in Turkey, the company kept reshaping itself to meet market changes. KoçSistem aims to fulfill costumer expectations through permanent and innovative collaborations with leading IT vendors and a strong footprint in research and development. Its employees serve beyond customer expectations, with an end-to-end service mentality focused on customized solutions. KoçSistem operates internationally accredited data centers in Ankara and Istanbul. In 2012 it opened its first foreign subsidiary, KoçSistem Azerbaijan.

Our data grew by a factor of four within three years. Thanks to the simple management and automation of the NetApp solutions, we could manage the environment pretty much with the same team.

Cüneyt ÖzdilekAssistant General Manager, KoçSistem