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Linn Benton Lincoln

Reaching and Teaching Every Student Through Digital Transformation

Oregon’s Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBL) provides high-quality educational services and programs to more than 89 schools with approximately 37,000 students in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties. Supporting school districts that range in size from 800 students to 8,000 students, LBL is challenged to keep its offerings practical, reliable, and economical. To meet this goal, while delivering solutions that enable all students—regardless of the prosperity of their district—to receive a quality education, LBL relies on technology.

One of 19 Education Service Districts throughout Oregon, LBL supports the state’s goals by providing fair educational opportunities for all public school students. Different from school districts, service districts are unique to Oregon and Washington states, helping moderate education costs by coordinating services across schools in a particular region. Pooling resources gives all schools in a service district access to services and programs that might otherwise be too costly for a single school.

As a result of our digital transformation, enabled by the flexible data management infrastructure from NetApp, teachers and staff have improved their efficiency—and we’ve lowered our costs—leaving us more time and money to support our students.

Brian Berkley Systems Engineer, Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District

LBL used NetApp solutions to transform its digital offerings in order to fulfill the education service district’s mission of providing equitable, flexible, and effective educational services through economies of scale by increasing the number of educational offerings online. This augments classroom instruction and streamlines critical school operations.

Centralizing student performance data enables the schools within the education district to improve assessments, develop individualized learning plans, and enhance communication, helping students achieve more.