Ding! You've got mail! MailerLite migrates files to the cloud, expands services with confidence.

MailerLite sends more than 30 million emails per day and serves hundreds of thousands of landing pages. Although the files add up to less than 10TB of data, their sheer number caused MailerLite’s team storage and performance headaches.

On the migration day, it took maybe one hour—and we had all our files safe on Google Cloud. NetApp XCP is amazing. No other data mover tool in the market can achieve that. And we tried a bunch of them.

Nikola MilojevićCTO, MailerLite

By turning to NetApp and Google Cloud, MailerLite solved infrastructure issues - from efficiently migrating 100 million small files to running an extensive NFS file system conveniently in the cloud.

Using XCP and Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud for migration removed the risk and headache.

MailerLite drastically reduced both the initial synchronization and subsequent incremental syncing. XCP can run data streaming at higher throughput rates on demand. Using top speed helped MailerLite to keep the scheduled three maintenance hours on the migration day.

Additionally, MailerLite is using NetApp Astra to create new Kubernetes services for non-coding customers, allowing them to expand the business into new areas.