Mercy Technology Services

Improving Patient Care with Flash-Accelerated Analytics

An industry leader in healthcare technology, Mercy Technology Services (MTS) serves as the information technology backbone of Mercy, the fifth-largest Catholic health system in the United States.

For MTS, maintaining its pioneer status means turning exponential data growth from a burden into an opportunity for innovation. MTS uses NetApp® All Flash FAS to continue the work of its founders and set new standards for patient care.

With this solution, NetApp All Flash FAS gives us the performance we need from a vendor we trust.

Gil HoffmanSenior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Mercy

Flash technologies fuel rich analytics for Virtual Care Services, by-the-minute treatment decisions, and preventive care. With NetApp All Flash FAS, MTS saw turnaround time of queries and reports reduced from 6 hours to 1 hour.

By putting these data and insights in the hands of healthcare practitioners, MTS enhances their ability to make thoughtful, life-saving decisions.