Node4 is a UK-based service provider that offers a range of services, including cloud, colocation, connectivity, and collaboration solutions, to businesses of every size. In the new era of hybrid cloud, customers are turning to Node4 to help them build hybrid cloud infrastructures that minimize risk and maximize flexibility.

By embracing a NetApp Data Fabric, Node4 enables customers to integrate their on-premises infrastructure with the Node4 Cloud and other industry-leading hyperscale clouds—with the flexibility to seamlessly move data as their needs change.

Node4 was the first managed service provider in the UK to offer NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPSaaS). Using NPSaaS, customers can burst to multiple industry-leading public clouds while keeping data secure in Node4's UK data centers.

With the NetApp Data Fabric we're able to meet customer challenges head-on and actually take the data problem away from them.

Gregg MearingHead of Managed Services, Node4

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