Increased data storage performance without compromising on cost

Operating in the fields of retail sales, commercial and industrial fuels, mineral oils, storage and international trade since 1982, OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. is the first brand that brought 98 octane unleaded gasoline to Turkey and offered Ultra Euro Diesel fuel to Turkish consumers before Europe. OPET, 50% of which was owned by Koç Holding Energy Group at the end of 2002, has become the fastest and the most consistently growing petroleum company of the last ten years. Believing the power of data in this journey of consistent and rapid growth, OPET has preferred NetApp’s high-performance AFF8040 solution as the most effective data storage technology

Thanks to NetApp, without having to bear high costs, we have reached the high-performance and technical qualities that our storage infrastructure needs. We have also taken the advantage of advanced default software features, technological abilities, business attitude of the manufacturer and authorized service partner.

Erdem ErdemliOPET System, Operation and Software Manager