Poland's National Centre for Nuclear Research

The largest research institute in Poland, the National Centre for Nuclear Research (Narodowe Centrum Badan Jadrowych, or NCBJ) was established in 2011 to develop nuclear power technologies and promote practical and safe applications of nuclear physics. NCBJ conducts research to support decision making about how to best develop an economical and environmentally sound nuclear power industry in Poland. With more than 1,000 employees, NCBJ operates the MARIA nuclear reactor and also collaborates with international research institutes, including CERN in Geneva. The NCBJ Swierk Computing Centre provides the high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for much of the institute’s research.

Our researchers have a lot more confidence in our HPC infrastructure now that we’ve moved to NetApp clusteredData ONTAP. We’re savingmoney as well—every time wepreviously had a failure, it cost us at least US $10,000 in lost productivity, compute time, and resources.

Adam PadeeHead of Computational Infrastructure, NCBJ