RapidScale CI featured


Lays a Foundation for Business Expansion Across the Globe

Since its start in 2010, RapidScale has fostered a highly personalized methodology for delivering managed cloud services. RapidScale’s global cloud platform includes data centers across the U.S., Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. The company’s success required managing extreme data growth. In fact, RapidScale’s data more than doubled in 2017 and is anticipated to triple in 2018.

"We have huge amounts of unstructured data pouring in from tens of thousands of VMs on our platform. Keeping up with ingestion rates became a challenge," explains William Hiatt, chief operating officer at RapidScale. "We were also getting ready for a large Veeam software installation and expected a large data influx as a result. NetApp was the obvious choice to handle our object storage requirements and cloud applications."

The ability to monetize our investment and offer that value to our customers is a huge added benefit. StorageGRID is more than just the data infrastructure for RapidScale. It’s become a differentiator as well.

William Hiatt Chief Operating Officer, RapidScale

RapidScale is now able to store and manage unstructured data securely and at scale, to keep pace with data growth and plan for further expansion in Europe.