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RSAWEB Guarantees Faster Performance to Help Enterprise Cloud Customers Succeed Online

According to Cisco Global Cloud Index (2015-2020), cloud data center traffic in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow 440% by 2020, making it the fastest cloud computing uptake in the world. This adoption is driving demand for better storage performance and infrastructure responsiveness. To increase customer confidence in its cloud services and drive growth, RSAWEB Enterprise Cloud needed to deliver fast, predictable performance.

Thanks to SolidFire, in 2015 RSAWEB was the first to deliver cloud hosting and connectivity solutions in Africa with guaranteed storage performance. Through RSAWEB's Enterprise Cloud, customers have access to a team of cloud experts for assistance without maintenance or capital costs. And, with its CloudConnect service, the company can securely connect its customers to the cloud by using their existing networks.

SolidFire allows our customers to transition to a next-generation data center that's secure, blazing fast, and infinitely scalable so they can accelerate their businesses.

Allan BoyleChief Operating Officer, RSAWEB

With the SolidFire volume-level Quality of Service controls, RSAWEB can guarantee minimum, maximum, and burst performance levels to thousands of applications from a shared infrastructure. The move to SolidFire immediately addressed the performance issues that RSAWEB previously faced. The first customers who migrated to SolidFire saw their performance increase 4 to 5 times.