School District of Palm Beach County

Gets an A+ in Managing Student Data

Public schools face immense budget pressures, so their IT departments must spend wisely. Every dollar spent on IT is a dollar not spent on textbooks and direct education benefits for K-12 students. When the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida, needed a data management solution to better provide secure access to student data, improve teacher and administrator productivity, and create efficiencies in its data center, the district chose NetApp AFF and NetApp hybrid controllers.

Student data is the essence of the school district. We needed to modernize our legacy storage to a single unified system that provides block, file, NAS, just about any protocol that an IT team needs to provide storage to their servers.

Joe Zoda, senior system engineer, School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

NetApp AFF delivers data security, high throughput, low latency, cloud affinity, and data storage across any protocol. By choosing to modernize its infrastructure with a new NetApp AFF cluster, the district consolidated data from four different legacy vendors into one cluster, providing faster services and solutions while reducing the total cost of operations.