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Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis is an innovative private company and leader in the field of mission-critical outsourcing services, with a unique promise: 100% functional uptime for missioncritical applications and services. Schuberg Philis has a NetApp Partner status: Service Provider Gold. Schuberg Philis focuses on the functional availability, software integration and development of mission-critical applications, taking full responsibility for the end result and offering customers 100% functional availability, cost predictability and flexibility, and control. As part of the Giarte Outsourcing Performance 2014, Schuberg Philis received the highest customer satisfaction score for the ninth consecutive year.

Schuberg Philis ensures long term continuity and stability, while helping customers to accelerate and master their transition into a software-defined world.

Anton OpgenoortMission-Critical Engineer, Schuberg Philis