Shanghai FESCO Cloud

Shanghai FESCO Cloud Speeds Time to Market for New HR Services with Flash

In the age of the Internet, SFSC Cloud is revolutionizing human resources services (HR) in China with its one-stop human resources management and service platform. SFSC Cloud is a wholly owned subsidiary of China's largest HR company, which serves more than 30,000 enterprise customers and their 1.5 million end users.

Through SFSC Cloud, the company plans to extend services to more than 40 million micro and small enterprises in China. With its sights set on massive growth, the company needed a flexible platform that could scale quickly and support fluctuating user demands while keeping its customers' sensitive HR data secure.

NetApp provides the most forward-looking technology and the best services to help us rapidly realize our strategic business objectives.

Johnny WangCEO, SFSC Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd.

SFSC Cloud built a hybrid cloud based on NetApp Private Storage and All Flash FAS. With NetApp Private Storage for Cloud, data lives in a GDS data center “next to” and connected to UCloud, China's largest independent public cloud provider. With NetApp Private Storage, SFSC Cloud can meet stringent compliance requirements and maintain data security and customer trust while leveraging the power of the public cloud for elastic compute.

After switching to NetApp all-flash solutions, SFSC Cloud cut the time to develop and deploy new features and services by 50%. The infrastructure has also saved the company 40% in power, cooling, and space. Most importantly, SFSC Cloud is able to help its customers attract and retain top-performing employees with an engaging interface and innovative portfolio of HR services that promote work-life integration.