Shanghai PPDAI

In many countries, especially those with developing economies, smartphones are plentiful, but credit scores are not. That’s why Shanghai PPDAI increasingly depends on artificial intelligence to help the company process an increasing amount of unstructured data as it expands to other countries.

With the power of data, PPDAI has surpassed the limits of consumer lending in China. Their digital transformation allows them to serve the financially underserved and lend money to everyone in China.

The ability to use machine learning AI is essential to our mission to serve the financially underserved. To us, data is like the ingredients, and machine learning and AI are the ability to cook. So, you combine them together, you can cook a good meal.

Dr. Gu Ming Chief Data Officer, Shanghai PPDAI

Founded in June 2007, Shanghai PPDAI Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. is the first online credit lending platform authorized by the Chinese government. With nearly 60 million users, PPDAI provides a safe, simple, low-cost, convenient, and beneficial alternative to both borrowers and investors. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2017.