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Tavria V

Increased Efficiency Improves Customer Service for Ukraine Retailer

Tavria V is a multiformat retail company in Ukraine that operates more than 80 retail facilities in a country with a population of 44 million. The company's primary goal is to serve its customers affordable merchandise quickly.

To improve the performance and flexibility of business applications and to increase the efficiency of storage resources, the company's IT department decided to build a private cloud with virtualization of all business applications.

The desire to run the most advanced and innovative technologies on one hand, and the need to respond to ever-growing business demands for IT infrastructure with a guaranteed level of service on the other hand, led our company to NetApp SolidFire solutions.

Sergey Konkov CIO, Tavria V

After a thorough evaluation, Tavria V's IT specialists selected NetApp SolidFire for its new storage platform. CIO Sergey Konkov explained that SolidFire far exceeds its competitors in terms of scaling capabilities. It also offers significant savings in disk space and cost through its global in-line deduplication and compression.