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Seamless Switchover

A Federal Agency needed to refresh its servers. The longtime NetApp storage customer swapped its outdated server system for a NetApp HCI system. The net result: Improved processing power and simplified storage management.

For some organizations, the prospect of transitioning to new technology vendors is daunting — and with good reason. It is not always a risk-free endeavor. As with any technology transition, service interruptions, lacking customer support, and surprise expenses are all possible consequences. Still, when this Federal Agency looked at refreshing its servers, it needed a change. One of the first calls it made was to NetApp.

The new system needed to host a subset of Common Internet File System (CIFS) data through NetApp ONTAP Select, a software-defined storage appliance.

NetApp’s partner for this challenge, ClearShark, contributed to the proposal, particularly by including network components and helping design the configuration. The proposed NetApp solution would allow the Agency to integrate the new server system into its existing Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) without disruptions.